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In Lomps Court Case 9 from Elite Pain both Gigi and Nicole are subjected to this torture and the 2 amateur slave girls are then whipped and caned severely till they are bruised all over their bottoms and backs. The amateur BDSM at Elitepain is harder than you most places. The girls are bruised, crying and suffering under the whip.

Then the show proceeds to an extreme whipping punishment based on the revelations during the BDSM interrogation. You can obtain the full length movie Lomps Court Case 9 from Elite If you could see yourself in hard BDSM or spanking films, we recommend visiting BDSM Model – Paid Fetish Jobs for more information on how to apply. You obviously need to 18 and a wish to experience BDSM, spanking and punishment.

Hard strokes dance over her boobs as the cane cracks on her big tits and nipples mercilessly. Kinky hot waxing on face and tits of tied slave girl. This task typically calls for the use of the well known electric device which usually makes all girls sing.

Sadomasochistic amateur slave in female bondage and severe bdsm with Emily Sharpe. Emily is in for a hard BDSM session of pain, humiliation and helpless suffering. As it regularly takes place, in the end it comes out that both women are qualified for the most severe punishment.

But it is merely a prelude to the intense BDSM session ahead for the slave girl in bondage. A blonde beauty is the victim of this new law and she becomes the first debt slave of the Elite Club.

The painslut at the end of the whip is clearly not a seasoned model. How the pussy is punished with riding crops and leather whips. All of it is done to teach wannabe doms how to perform extreme bastinado, falaka and foot tortures in the first half of the film. But if do love seeing a proper amateur slave girl in pain, a painslut masochist tortured. You can learn from the teachings or simply enjoy the show.

This has a tendency to provide tears and answers to the questions asked. Not least because a seasoned masochist such as Gigi carries most movies beautifully. A top notch performance by an excellent Hungarian masochist under the whip.

The candle wax allowed to run deep inside her open pussy. Usually the awarded punishment consists of a trip to the BDSM electrical chair for some rather severe electro shock interrogation with electrodes attached to nipples and pussy lips. Whilst the action of Lomps Court Case 9 is nothing new, we have seen more or less exactly the same level of whipping, the same trip to the interrogation chair and the same flow of the storyline, it is still one of the top picks in the series. Nicole is electro tortured, whipped to tears, bruised and welted till she is a screaming and crying mess.

She would stop and go just to make it jar me a little.

I bounced up as she hit a bump only to find the dildo all the way back in my asshole. After the party i was told to put the dildo back in and it was locked in place with the use of another chastity belt.

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