Shes dating my sister

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I was motherfucking fucking my very own stepsister and she was motherfucking enjoying it!While I fucked her from behind I reached under her tank top, groping, fondling and squeezing her big tits.Then he laughed and pushed me back and we got into this wrestling match and before i knew it he was ontop of me pinning my hands down.Then there was this moment where we were just looking at each other. Really hard and i felt his tougue really far in my mouth. Then at the same moment we both started kissing again.

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I go in and sit beside him and take off my jacket and shoes.As shocked as I was watching the footage, I couldn’t help noticing that it wasn’t like my stepsister wasn’t enjoying it!She was going down on my cock like it was the most delicious piece of meat on the house!As I fucked her harder, deeper and faster I realized that I was going to cum but i continued to fuck her, unable to stop, blowing my load inside her!!!She said she could feel my cum hitting her belly inside and she liked it.

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