Sierra kusterbeck and blake harnage dating

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auditioned for the vocal position by sending a tape online.

While the other members were not too sure about Kusterbeck, Harnage convinced them she was right for the job and she soon joined the band in 2007.

Fans always ask me where I get my shoes, so now I can send them to Payless and they can get the same exact ones!

When they returned to their homes in Florida, they began writing for their LP for a few months before leaving for Warped Tour '09.

After The Warped Tour, they headed to Malibu to record and write for their LP, then packed up for the OP tour featuring headliner , and co-headliners , , and .

The band appeared on the MTV documentary show on October 18, 2010.

After the episode aired, Versa Emerge's fan base had grown substantially.

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