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The pose is very suggestive, with Bodie's groin against Doyle's rear, yet Doyle doesn't blink an eye. But when push comes to shove, when it really counts, the bullshit stops cold: no more joking, no more playing, no more snark, and they are entirely there for each other and only each other, each clearly trusting the other wholly and implicitly.

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When the show starts, both have been in CI5 for at least a few years; the circumstances of their joining, and their teaming, remain shrouded in mystery (and the subject of many a fanfic). He can be volatile and temperamental, but he's often quite notably self-contained, and he doesn't flat-out laugh all that much or even smile (except at Bodie), though he has a definite streak of playfulness and a sharp, if low-key, sense of humor. Trust, affection, intimacy, fierce protectiveness - these fairly shout out of their every interaction. BODIE: What're you talking-- DOYLE: Your jam tart, your heart, could just [snaps fingers] pop at any minute. [Doyle wrestles with him for the wheel] BODIE: Get off! And with very few exceptions, even when they're with other people, their primary focus is always each other.

The Pros fandom was always essentially the Bodie/Doyle fandom. He's hard, capable of being very cold, very violent; he's extremely familiar and comfortable with weaponry and the trappings of war, with the rifles and tanks and machinery - and with the killing.

To distill the appeal of the show and the pairing, not to mention two decades of fandom, into 5,000 words (well, give or take a few thousand! In drafting this, the more I wrote the more I realized: there simply is no way. -From "Close Quarters" Doyle came to CI5 from the Met - the Metropolitan, the London branch of the British police force; he was a copper, a Detective Constable who worked some of the toughest beats in London and spent time in the Drugs Squad. Doyle, by contrast, is the "hot" one, emotional, moody, mercurial, quick to anger, quick to forgive.

And Ray obliges, laughing at Bodie's jokes, sniggering when he camps it up, as he often does, and indulging his sometimes macabre sense of humor.

This dynamic - Bodie acting charmingly boorish and smug and Ray responding with tolerant amusement - is typical of them.

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