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AKA RAHIM International Bank Center Also RAHIM International Banking Unit I have received Reliable information indicating that: "RAHIM International Bank Ltd.

AKA RAHIM International Bank Center, Also RAHIM International Banking Unit" is Owned by Some Arab Nationalist with Ties to Terrorists.

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Therefore, All the Non Performed Pretend to be Serious Buyers Described on this Blacklist are Officially BLACKLISTED.

ATTENTION LFTA CEO/DIRECTOR have pledged that upon Each Closure & Collect of Profit/Proceed that Agreement with OOO-Integral had been Reached long ago to donate substantial amount of Profit/Proceed that LFTA would make to NOOIC that is Tax Exempt per U. Dept of Treasury 501(c)(3) Status See Funds would be distributed in Accordance and Agreement by the IRS see have now declared a Big SHAME on All the Fake Non Performed Companies Described herein, for being involved in serious violations that resulted in Buyer's & their Affiliate Persons/Partners Non Performers & be Blacklisted.

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The goal of providing these unofficial translations is to increase the general awareness and understanding of the FCPA by both U. companies engaging in international business and their foreign counterparts. To tell you a little bit about myself My name is Bill, my friends and family say I have a great sense of humor.

Therefore, All the Non Performed Pretend to be Serious Buyers Described on this Blacklist Page/Link have contributed to the prevention in LFTA making Profit where substantial amount would be donated for NOOIC.

In fact LFTA have Lost Substantial Amount of $$$ from the same described herein below the Non Performed Buyers/Companies, we urge All Non Performed buyers to make Good Faith Attempts to Proceed with New Transaction without Deceit, Tricks, Scam, Fraud, etc. certain NON Performed Claimed to be Buyers of Russian Fuel, after Received Approved Contract from Seller (e.g., Time Wasters, Circumvent, Non Performers, Breach of Contract, Fraud, etc.), the Companies described below must do one of the following in order to be off the LFTA Blacklist: 1) Negotiate an Agreed settlement between potential buyer described below with Mandate to properly Compensate Seller Mandate etc.

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: Franciscan friar Junipero Serra builds the mission at San Diego, the first of 20 along the coast of California ("Sacred Expedition"), while Gaspar de Portola founds the first Spanish presidio, the Presidio of San Diego : Revolutionary troops led by general George Washington and French troops led by Rochambeau defeat the British Army led by Charles Cornwallis at the battle of Yorktown, Britain surrenders, the independence war ends and Philadelphia (50,000 inhabitants) becomes the capital of the United States of America : Mexico's dictator Santa Anna crushes a Texan uprising at the battle of the Alamo (San Antonio), but general Sam Houston defeats the Spanish and Texas declares its independence with Houson as president : The Union, led by general Ulysses Grant, defeats the Confederates, slavery is abolished (13th amendment of the constitution) and blacks are given the right to vote (370,000 Union citizens and soldiers and 258,000 Confederate citizens and soldiers have died) : The Union and Central Pacific railroads meet in Ogden, Utah, and create the first transcontinental railroad (Western Pacific between Oakland and Sacramento, the Central Pacific between Sacramento and Utah and the Union Pacific between Utah and the Missouri River) : Theodore Vail is hired as general manager of the American Bell Telephone Company and files a lawsuit against Western Union over the patent of the telephone, obtaining Wester Union's technology (developed by Edison) : The Livermore company opens a 35 km hydroelectric power line to bring electricity from Folsom to Sacramento, with water powering four colossal electrical generators (dynamos), the first time that high-voltage alternating current had been successfully conducted over a long distance See also the timeline for cars : Henry Huntington founds the Pacific Electric Railroad to create a network of trolley cars and a network of new suburbs around Los Angeles (and becomes one of the richest men in the USA thanks to land speculation) : J.

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