Small schools consolidating

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That idea resurfaced last fall in a draft report by a separate K-12 panel created by the Legislature.

It was stripped from the final version, but a minority addendum suggested districts seek savings by outsourcing or consolidating non-instructional functions.

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Since 2000, another 30 have made the same choice, almost all of them rural.Even though credit unions have more flexibility than banks, they are often region- or industry-specific, and we only wanted to recommend lenders available in at least 40 states.Meanwhile, banks are risk-averse (or should be, anyway), and unsecured personal loans don’t provide them the same kind of recourse that secured loans do — you don’t have to put up collateral for an unsecured loan, for example.Employees had to reapply for their jobs, and an interim panel of Hillcrest and Belleville representatives spent long hours determining whom to rehire, Milner says.In terms of transporting students, the town of Belleville was more centrally located within the new boundaries, and two years after the merger, USD 109 shuttered Hillcrest’s school, located in the smaller town of Cuba, population 150.

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