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Rouen surrendered to Henry V of England in 1419 after a protracted siege, but was reclaimed by France in 1449.By the end of the 15th century it had become a centre of the French Renaissance.Like so many local markets in Normandy, Buchy’s Monday market features exclusively local produce.

Three kilometres outside Buchy, Le Jardin de Valérianes, tucked away in a corner of the countryside, was created by a couple of passionate gardeners, Michel and Maryline Tissait, who named the garden after their two daughters.The following itinerary describes a range of museums and gardens which we plan to visit.Many are accessible to the public, but others require special permission which may only be confirmed closer to the tour’s departure.We shall visit the abbey with its fine Romanesque carvings and explore its garden, dedicated to plants believed by the monks to cure souls.After lunch we visit one of the magnificent country manor houses of Normandy, the Manoir de Villers, a beautiful half-timbered manor house begun in the time of Charles VII (1403-1461) and added to for three centuries.

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