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People regularly ask me what we plan to do for our cylinders and boiler and assume that these decisions have already been made.

They have not, but we do have several options which are currently being explored and costed.

The SDR is a specialist in this field and we are delighted with the work done.

We have converted the rusting old set of wheels from 4115, together with an entirely new fourth axle wheelset, into a brand new set of wheels for 4709 suitable to meet the requirements of running on the mainline.

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We did mention in the last update the cost of these activities (£18k for axlebox refurbishment and £10k for the suspension components) and it will be lack of money that poses the greatest risk to achieving this significant milestone stage.

We very much hope that it is the case but there remains lots of work to complete before this is desirable or possible.

As the wheels have been longer than we expected at SDR, the window for planned work in Llangollen Works has now been taken by another project – unbelievably they have some twenty live projects on their books.

The works have an instruction to complete this task.

We are progressing with the suspension of 4709 and clearly fitting of the spring hanger brackets is now becoming urgent.

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