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I've been to one of these before and found it to be a very interesting experience.Everyone was pretty good looking and seemed normal - which was kinda disappointing for me since I was pretty much there to have something interesting to write about. For questions, more information, or to buy discounted tickets, please click the button below. Recommended for females between 45 & 65 and males between 45 & 65.I thought it would be a bunch of lonely freaks who were lonely and ugly and socially retarded and that it would provide for some fantastic and hilarious stories.As it turns out, it's just a great way to meet normal people who want to meet other normal people.As we grow and mature, sometimes the ones that we’re with don’t grow in the same direction, and relationships fall apart.

There's more information available at the website.The event costs 35 bucks, but if you're clever you can find ways to make it free.Using the coupon code Love Access should give you 5 bucks off.Keep yourself safe, and help find the perfect partner with Phoenix Singles.Instead of just going to the Rhythm Room or the Ak-Chin Pavilion to hopefully meet the right person, let us help you.

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