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But Paxman couldn’t decide if she was favouring the rich by letting them pass on their wealth to their children, or fleecing pensioners by making them pay for their social care.

“I er wanted there to be a [cough] ceasefire,” he said, slowing down to a speed perilously close to Diane Abbott’s not-sure-of-the-numbers pace.Joy, who asked what had happened to the £350m a week from Brussels, which was the only reason she had voted to leave the EU, even said she was happy with May’s answer, which was: “We won’t be sending vast sums to money to the EU and it is important that we get that best possible deal.” The only point at which they rebelled was when she unwisely said Labour’s figures don’t add up.Which they don’t, as Corbyn had just confirmed, as if in passing.It allowed Corbyn to pose as a consensual pragmatist who listened to his colleagues and worked with them, when in fact 172 of them said they had no confidence him less than a year ago.Corbyn the Campaigner had handled the opening questions from the studio audience well.

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