Speed dating pitfalls

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If they care about your feelings on the matter, they will actually respect that you want to give this important discussion the attention it deserves.If they’re demanding an answer right then and there…

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Spring the DTR conversation on them with absolutely no warning.If you’re talking every single day on the phone or over social media between the moments when your schedules line up, it moves the timeline for the DTR conversation slightly to “sooner”.If you’re not talking much outside of your dates except to set up the next one, then it’s safer to leave the conversation for later; your behavior is indicating that you’re not quite so invested in the relationship as to need to define things. As a rule of thumb, it’s easier to go with the flow if you haven’t slept together yet; most of the time, the relationship isn’t going to be seen as being serious or in need of defining.because we were spending weeks at a time together whenever she came to see me.Just because you’re not seeing each other every day doesn’t mean you’re not interested.

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