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The end result is still the same, whether you use an enzyme or not. There are several ways that enzymes can catalyze substrates into products.

We'll just look at one example where enzymes use metals to help speed up reactions.

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Free 5-day trial Have you ever wondered what an enzyme is and what it does?

In this lesson, we'll learn what an enzyme is and how it does its job in the cell - the mechanism of enzyme activity. You have to measure the flour and spend time rapidly mixing the butter and sugar with a wooden spoon.

Some enzymes, like carbonic anhydrase, which converts carbon dioxide to bicarbonate in the blood, make the reaction proceed nearly a million times faster than without the enzyme just by lowering activation energy. The answer is in the way the enzyme binds the reactants it works with, called the substrate.

Enzymes and substrates are thought to bind together in a model called lock and key.

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Without the enzyme, the reactants would randomly have to land together this way, which is unlikely.

Although enzymes speed up the reactions, they don't change them.

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