Speed dating somerset uk

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From the moment I arrived throughout the day, I don't think I've ever attended a conference where the timing and movement between sessions was quite as well managed as I've encountered at this particular event. The discussions with the vendors in those 'speed dating' sessions, as they are branded, was actually the best approach to this that I think I have ever experienced at a conference.

Extremely helpful, snappy to the point and you weren't spending a lot of time with people who were looking to sell you products you weren't really interested in.

It brings together a unique forum where you can bring together those who are facing challenges and they get to meet first-hand the people with the solutions.

It’s a great way of bringing people together in a great setting.

The first hour [of speed networking] in particular was full of energy and full of buzz; it was very exciting.

But ultimately, those opportunities are when you need to make the most of this opportunity.

it allows talking to people that can make the decisions and obviously have the plan of what they want to get out of a vendor as well.

The business meetings have been really valuable, mainly because they have been with the kind of people that I have wanted to speak with.

The organisation of this conference is hugely impressive.The way we have been looked after since I arrived here has been top rate.It has been a really good and efficient use of my time.We find that Local Gov Strategy Forum is a very good way to develop new threads and meet new people.The quality of the presentations and the relevance to me has been immense.

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