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These individuals touted their special formula for raising people from poverty, citing anecdotal examples of their success.They actually accomplished very little except enriching themselves.According to Rollins and Glod, Texas could have suffered the same fate as California, which was forced via federal judicial edict to drastically reduce its overcrowded prison populationan unplesant possibility given Texas' culture of independence.Rather than allow federal commands to dictate state policy, Texas instead pursued a 1 million dollar justice reinvestment package that allowed the state to divert low-level, non-violent offenders towards cheaper, albeit more effective, alternatives to incarceration, and prioritize space for more serious offenders.Texas' prison population has since fallen, allowing three adult facilities to be shuttered, with talks of morea previously unheard of prospect for a "tough on crime" state like Texas.

They spend most of their time fundraising, occasionally showing isolated, theatrical examples of their success.Despite thousands more offenders being on parole, revocations have plummeted.More violent offenders are being held in prison, while more lower-level offenders are getting the treatment or rehab that they need to return to society as productive members.By Prson [email protected] on May 30, 2017 in Prison News, Prison Path, Prison Path Press Between 19702008, our lock-up rate increased five hundred percent.The United States has more inmates and prisons than both Russia and China combined.

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