Speeddating by the book bookworm

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Beth, who brought a Christopher Moore book, describes both the book and her ideal date as “sarcastic and irreverent.” Beth says that her mother told her to come after seeing the ad in the and suggested she go—“Someone who reads would be good.

There are not too many guys who like books.” This is true of the event; there are certainly fewer gentlemen than ladies; there are 25 women and 19 men.

Kristin, who works at another library in the state and brought five books, is considering bringing the event to her library.

Dan brought two—Hesse’s — because he didn’t think he could be represented with just one work of literature.

After an allotted amount of time, the pairs rotate so that each single has a chance to meet every other.

Next, the participants have a chance to fill out a scorecard and if two people approve one another, they will receive each other’s contact information and know that they are mutually interested.

Speed dating, for anyone not well versed in is an organized way to meet several singles of the opposite sex in one evening.

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(When the emcee announced that four men failed to show, someone calls out: “No commitment!

”) During the event, the literary aspect did not hold up as well as the dating part did.

Madison is trying her hardest to act more grown up and get the cutest boy in school to notice her no matter what it takes.

The teens eventually come to the conclusion that the guys they were originally interested in are not necessarily right for them.

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