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Here are the You privacy settings to disable the collection of this information. Here is Internet's recommended Privacy and Timeline & Tagging Settings.Recommended Privacy Settings 1) Privacy Settings - Settings, Privacy Settings Who can see your future posts?Back in 2009, the peephole video appeared on sites like megaupload, rapidshare, torrents and mediafire. man and his sister were sentenced to life in prison on Thursday for cyberstalking that led to the shooting death of the man's former wife and her friend in a Delaware courthouse lobby ahead of a contentious child custody hearing.Since then the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and sites like You Tube, have been very responsible in removing them very … David Matusiewicz, his sister Amy Gonzalez and his mother Lenore were convicted in U. District Court in Delaware last July of cyberstalking resulting in death, the first successful application of federal law on the …

Read More After hackers allegedly stole the data of over 37 million Ashley Madison users, they are now offering a free removal.Carl Zimmerman, D-Palm Harbor has introduced Florida HB 677, a Mugshot Removal Bill.With an Effective Date of October 1, 2013, the bill requires that operators of Mugshot Websites remove a person's name & information within a specified period after notice that person is acquitted or charges are dropped or otherwise resolved without conviction. Select the Videos you want to Remove from your You Tube Watch History then click [Remove] or click [Clear all watch history].Read More The Revenge website owner Kevin Blollaert, 28-years old was found guilty of 27 felony counts for created a revenge porn website where he posted more than 10,000 sexually explicit photos of women online to extort hundreds of dollars from each. Like many individuals whose photos have appeared on this website, we too have checked the Domain Name Ownership records and Hosting providers as well as other public Internet documents.He was convicted of 21 identity theft and 6 extortion counts. Read More Today, we are testing the National Do Not Call Registry and we're re-adding our business phone numbers, residential and cell phones to the National Do Not Call Registry. In the past, there has been numerous amounts of conflicting information on the owners and operators. Read More As lawmakers including several potential class action lawsuits have pushed to get these sites shutdown are at the very least removed from the Search Engine Results, the identities or ownrers of these websites have finally become public knowledge.

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