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(Para-)military (Gunners, City Guard, Country Guard and the KNIL, Women's Aid Corps and Women's KNIL Corps, Dutch Legion, Princess Irene Brigade, Marines, Militia, The liberation of Western Europe, The liberation of the Netherlands Indies, Employment against or with the Indonesian battle for freedom, Surinam veterans of war, Late recognition, Plaque Waterkant/Onafhankelijkheidsplein) Lou Lichtveld (Albert Helman) Hugo Pos Twee militairen: Hugo Desire Ryhiner en Harry Frederik Voss Other military men and women (A-Tjak, Alvarez/Alvares, Balinge, Van Bazel, Burgzorg, Chateau, Van Eick, Emanuels, Gitz, Heidweiller, Van Helvert, Hilfman, Van der Hoogte, Huiswoud, Juta, Meijer, Netto, Del Prado, Salm, Spreeuw, De Vries, Vrieze, Wesenhagen, Wiers, Wooter) A group of marines from Suriname, the Netherlands Antilles and the Netherlands-Indies (Dissels, Kenson, Koulen, Kroes, Meeng, van Meerveld, Menig, van Niel, Renar, Wijngaarde, de Windt, Arloud) Fallen in the Dutch Merchant Navy (Askel, Alie, Beelds/Beeldstroo, Boldewijn, Bijnaar, Chateau, Cruden, Elmont, Emnes, Van Exel, Flu, Gesser, Kerster, Klooster, Markiet, Mecidi, Moore, Muller, Naardendorp/Naarendorp, Olff, Oostburg, Parisius, Pools, Rolador/Colader, de Rooy, Slagtand, Smiet, Stelk, Vrieze, Wikkeling, Woiski) Names from the Resistance (Bosschart, Bijleveld, Does, Ezechils, Fernandes, P. Part of this Brigade were the Surinamese Willy Wooter, Henri van Helvert and Leo Alvarez. Corporal Leo Alvarez was hit in the head at Oirschot by grenade shrapnel and died on 27 October 1944. Now he's concerned about the fate of the German speaking Jewish refugees.

Flu, Gitz, Jdell/Van Es, Kanteman, Lashley, Lichtveld, Lu-A-Si, C. The liberation of Western-Europe During the invasion of Normandy the Princess Irene Brigade was put ashore as part of the British army in augustus 1944. On Dutch soil the brigade took part in the liberation of areas around Tilburg and Hedel. After the defeat of the democrats (1938) at first he flees to North-Africa and Mexico, but by 1939 he's back in Holland.

Samson, Tolud, Wittenberg, Wolff) Surinam jazz-musicians in The Netherlands (1940-1945) (van Kleef, Johnson) Surinam Jews, who died in Holocaust and war (R. A small number of Surinamese worked as naval men to protect the harbour. During speeches De Kom greatly impressed young communists, whom he met at an equal basis. The Militiamen exercised on the Orange square (nowadays the Independence Square) and drove around in jeeps. The rush to the De Kom's yard was, despite ongoing intimidation, unheard of. The approved recruits were quartered in Zeelandia and on a field at the Gemenelandsweg, Hindus were housed in a building from 'Coco' Nassy. 'Maybe I'll succeed in taking away some of this discord which was the weakness of the colored, maybe it won't be entirely impossible to make negroes and Hindostanis, Javanese and Indians, understand how only solidarity can unite all sons of mother Sranang in their battle for a decent human life.'. Apart from the Surinam and Dutch units and the 2.000 US-military, there also was a group marines from the Netherlands Indies, who had traveled as guards with the earlier mentioned 146 detainees from the Netherlands Indies. This happened accompanied by music, but not without corrections in his text by order of the Radio Broadcast Supervision Committee. The troops formed, together with the Dutch marines, the staff of the Militia. Black military could not have promotions and were, by some of the men from the Irene Brigade, beaten all too easily. Once he managed to read from his book for VARA-radio.

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