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Then you, my friend, have no real freedom and the leash on you is tighter than you think.

No adult male should be asking anyone (especially his lover) if he could go out and hang out with his boys to do some male bonding.

When I worked in real estate, I cold called people to pitch them on refinancing their mortgage.

Nearly every person who picked up the phone was annoyed. ” It’s because people are turned off by “salesmen”.

It is a sad reality that many men live in nowadays that has never made sense to me.

The consequence of not going out is actually far more severe than just going out and having your girlfriend be mad at you for a few hours. We hear friends challenge each other with, “You’re so whipped!

The other reason is simply that I enjoy Christmas so much, I want to extend it as much as possible.

To save all the celebrating for just one or a few days just seems like such a waste of joy. In fact, I haven’t even decided whether to go for a real Christmas tree or a plastic one.

And on a different note, I just saw that Pantone pronounced the color of the year 2015. I guess now we’ll be seeing a lot of this brownish wine shade in fashion both high and low. Not a park or anything, but a real Swedish forest with deer, foxes, owls and creatures. I pretty much start preparing for Christmas as soon as Halloween is over.The day (it was a Friday) was partly spent at my favorite cafe eating cake. And then I went out for a day in the sun testing my new Speedlight flash, which was one of the best birthday presents I could ever imagine! 30k worth of damage to my house and firing a shot at me when I got home. Secretly tortured our 3yo son by locking him in the closet so she could go to Kmart to fuck random guys. Constantly was calling me crying telling me how she wasn’t sure if she was going to live or not and all these surgeries she was having. Ex wife told everyone I touched my stepdaughters, I never found out till years later as my family never told me, but found out because someone reported abuse by her new husband; they then fled the state to escape the investigatio. | Topics: Dating | In a 1997 study published by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, the psychologist Dr.And we only see less and less light until mid-December.I find that Christmas decorations do the best job of compensating for the increasing darkness.

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