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It does a decent job of detecting traditional viruses, and an OK job of detecting malware threats.

The hybrid approach they employ for virtualized environments leaves a lot to be desired compared to options for other products which allow you to install a VM on the ESX host to do scanning of VM's.

SEP is a good AV product and protects our servers well. However, keeping up with new versions which come out multiple times a year can make it tough to keep up, esp when client upgrades require a reboot.

We use Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) in an enterprise environment with over 10,000 users. It is our main antivirus and network intrusion protection application.

Once the threat is identified, it would be nice to automatically set up the action to take instead of relying on the user's input.

I've been using Symantec Endpoint Protection for the last year to protect my machine from viruses, adware and malware.

I have not seen any scenarios where I would characterize SEP as less appropriate. It is perfect for our needs as network consultants.

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I would recommend on deploying in many different scenarios, from a few machines to a larger organization.We have multiple SEP Managers distributed for different environments.It helps add another layer of protection for our servers.This consumes a lot of extra resources, especially during daily/weekly scans.Symantec Endpoint Protection is the Antivirus/Anti Malware product we use across all of our environments.

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