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He was later was arrested and transported back to Alabama.It was also discovered that the suspects burglarized a total of three homes that day, and most of the items stolen were found using Leads Online." "We were investigating a residential house fire and quickly developed a suspect.The house had been burglarized one week prior to the house fire.

We determined that this was actually a burglary and arson, and we received a list of items that were stolen.

During that contact, I found yet another suspect present who resembled a suspect we were looking for in two other burglaries and a theft.

Upon returning to the office, I ran that new suspect on Leads Online and found a stolen battery charger taken from the auto repair class at St.

When I checked with the Music Department, they discovered they were missing the three tubas. The tubas were recovered and the student confessed.

As a result of the recovery of the camera and 00 of University property, I was able to get Leads Online in our budget. " "Jiyeon Min's ,000 violin, along with a pair of ,000 bows, went missing before her final scheduled performance as a student at the Shepherd School of Music Presidential Concert at Stude Hall. Gary Spears picked up the case and knew where to look first. I gave it a whirl and searched for all violins with that brand name pawned in Texas and Louisiana over the weekend.

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