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Among the 1,030 students to attend are 309 freshmen, and 65 student nurses enrolled at the Allentown Hospital school of Nursing.The freshman class will consist of approximately 222 men and about 87 coeds.The Sig Ep brotherhood has been working during the summer months to renovate their new house in accordance to their needs.

Later she and her family moved to Los Angeles where she received her secondary and higher education. Phi Kappa Tau Men Move Into House; Building Nears End Construction on the new Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house is nearing completion as twenty- eight men move in this week.

(Text of Student council resolu- tion will be /ound on pape 3.) misused hazing, (2) freshmen be- ing interrupted during class time, (3) unnecessary physical exer- tion, and (4) difficulty in super- vising the entire body of upper- classmen.

It is felt by some mem- bers of Student council that the trend in United States colleges and universities is to ultimately elim- inate hazing.

Her first official function was at the Leadership conference held from Sep- tember 10 to 12. Although Miss Nugent's quarters will be off- campus, she feels that this will not alienate her from the col- lege's social phase, but will be to her advatnage.

Prior to coming to Muhlenberg, Miss Nugent served as an assist- ant professor in Early Childhood and Elementary education at Temple university. In an inter- view for the WEEKLY, the gray- haired, soft-spoken woman said that problems arising in the dorm- itory are to be referred to the housemothers, but that any wom- an should feel free to call on her in her office in the Administra- tion building.

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