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A Kater driver puts you in complete control of the dating situation.

Luckily, Vancouver offers plenty of opportunities to do that.

It turns out that pornbots are among the class of Eliza-derivatives that can pass a Turing Test (or rather, horny sex-chat boys are among the class of human beings that can't tell a chatterbot from a person -- other groups include psychotherapists, who, in one experiment, couldn't distinguish actual transcripts of therapy sessions with schizophrenics from simulated therapy with schizophrenic chatterbots; and the university student who mistook a chatterbot for his prof in the middle of the night when he IMed same for permission to extend deadline on a late paper).

'eliza' is a program that talks to you, pretending to be a psychologist.

Head-to-head or cooperative, these are fun just about any time.and everyone knows the best place to talk to horny guys is on dalnet irc sex channels.Update, Zed sez, A bot on a MUD was horndogged by an individual for two weeks without him getting it.You can change venues and go wherever you want during the date, without having to worry about the responsibility of driving getting in the way of a good time.Vancouver even has a few specifically themed trivia nights if you and your date’s interests lie in a certain category.

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