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I still think of myself as being somewhat exploratory and somewhat, like, [this is] what relationships are and what they mean to me and how to get through them and navigate them. “This is a pretty vulnerable record for me,” reveals Tegan, “only because I was writing about two important relationships that are now over…[but] this record isn’t about them.

It’s about me, and I want to be very careful about how I talk about those relationships, because I care deeply about those people and I’m not using them to sell records.

I think that sometimes when you’re suffering that can be a really vibrant place to write from, but it can also be very surface—you know, like, I feel like this record is a little more reflective, and that’s exciting to me because I feel like it’s a different place to be writing from.” For many artists, whether or not they’re musicians, emotional distance is imperative to the creative act.

Sara elaborates: “When you’re writing about things from a distance, your memories and your re-imagining of them are sometimes more interesting than how they actually happened.” With age, Sara believes that their songwriting skills—like wine—have improved.

While that song expresses Sara’s feelings, Tegan admits it’s a sentiment that she can also relate to.

Both she and Sara glow with pride when they recall being on the cover not just once or twice—this issue marks the fourth time they’ve been on the cover.

“We’re grateful for the covers, and we’re grateful for support from the queer community in general,” Sara says.

Two years later, the twins signed with Vapor Records, the label founded by Neil Young and his longtime manager, Elliot Roberts.

The centerpiece of their lyrics has always been love and relationships.

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