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Rennie and Bret Sparks tell Pop Matters 20 Questions, with tongue in cheek, about fascinating, fantastical elements in the world as they see it. Only five thousand years and all trace of human life will be gone, even plastic shopping bags. Brett: Bedknobs and Broomsticks because I’m frightened of Angela Lansbury. It also implies that Unferth is the primary author, and Haidle her illustrator, a common credits division, which the cover and title page resists by listing both creators side by side and without attribution.All rather compelling, but proceed with caution regarding their fashion advice.1. It is Unferth's first graphic novel, a form she said was different and harder to work in than she expected. Rennie: Watching pigeons cooing under train trestles. Essential to life: coffee, vodka, cigarettes, chocolate, or...? Rennie: Inside the empire of the ants and/or a finch nest. What do you want to say to the leader of your country? Rennie: Five squirrels wearing vests and spectacles -- and then they’ll owe me a dinner! Stress management: hit man, spa vacation or Prozac? Environ of choice: city or country, and where on the map? Whether for peace on earth or a little peace of mind, the struggle to satisfy it can lead only to insanity or death. Brett: I finally made it through The Sound of Music.7. - rides out with the mantra: "Never tell me that we can't go further." The title of this track is "White Whale"—that impossible desire perpetually just out of reach.

Rennie: Please try not to solve problems with bombs or waterboarding. Brett: The invention of that glass ball that makes lighting storms when you touch it. The best thing you ever bought, stole, or borrowed? Rennie: A painting of squirrels flying through the forest. is a determined march against encroaching imperial darkness; their eyes boring into the shadows for danger but they're aware that blinding lights can kill and distort truth. Because you can only see their drawings from a great height. Rennie: The Malleus Maleficarum (“The Hammer of Witches”), because I want to believe that the Devil is waiting in the forest for me and that little frogs will one day suckle on my third nipple. Rennie: I can explode any light bulb by looking at it and thinking about puppies. Brett: "Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these." (Matthew -34; Luke -32)12. You know, the one with the little wheel in the back (the penny) and the really big one in the front (the farthing). Last but certainly not least, what are you working on, now? Rennie: Robert Redford’s, The Language and Music of the Wolves because you can hear how wolves always harmonize with each other across the mountain ranges and never step on each other’s notes. The two worked together long-distance, via email, Skype, Dropbox, and one extended visit. As the authors describe in a Comics Alternative interview, the project originated with Unferth's stick-figure sketch of the novel, which earned her a contract with her publisher who then introduced her to Haidle.

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