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(research since the Phobos report indicates several OTHER possible sources in the asteroid belt also give off identical surface reflection spectrogram readings - in fact, some now feel that Phobos, itself, may be one of these asteroids, having been "captured" by Mars) One of the most spectacular falls of the 20th century.

Patios and rooftops in Allende, Mexico were pelted by a huge rain of stones which more than doubled the then weight of all known CV3 material .

Few specimens have been recovered in recent years due to the extensive initial field collecting and subsequent thorough combing of the area by local inhabitants for sale to collectors. Among the other many interesting aspects of Allende, unmanned probes have indicated that the only formation in the solar system which has the same refractive qualities and weight/mass ratio as Allende is Phobos, one of the moons of Mars!

Recent years have produced almost exclusively broken, field weathered and/or dirt stained stones, and, on at least one occasion, a prospective buyer was beaten by banditos. So, while most collectors cannot afford an SNC ("Mars rock") and few in the world have a piece of the earth's moon, you can easily afford an excellent specimen of likely Mars' lunar material!

One source told me this is due to "spaulation", a process wherein the individuals battered against one another after the explosion of the main mass and final fusion crusting process but before hitting the ground.

An additionally interesting characteristic of this meteorite in the broken- off fusion crust on the edges of typical specimens.Bells is a highly brecciated chondrite which contains few intact chondrules, a very low abundance of refractory inclusions, and is notable in having an unusually high abundance of magnetite, which is disseminated throughout the fine-grained matrix.Fragmental olivines and pyroxenes are common and, based on compositional data, appear to have been derived from chondrules as a result of extensive brecciation.0/g : Acapulcoites are named after this unique meteorite - and there are precious few of them - and they are ALL small. However, Rubin of UCLA identified it as a second stone of Agoult. Ongoing research on this unique, unbreciated eucrite will undoubtedly yield interesting information. Since that time, however, whole specimens have become increasingly difficult to obtain.This material was selling at the Denver show this year (2001) at 0/g dispite the deflated market and dramatically reduced attendence. This is a SPECTACULAR piece at an increadably low price of 5/g! This meteorite is almost undoubtedly the most researched meteorite to date.

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