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'If you've got an existing problem it can trigger catastrophic back pain.

In our house we have wooden floors - you're much more mobile when sweeping, so far less likely to sustain an injury.

'I have seen lots of patients with severe neck pain from looking through the bottom of their glasses; this compresses the joints in their neck.

'It's a particular problem if you're working and might be switching between looking at a computer screen and something else you are reading.

So if I have to go in and am feeling unwell, I'll take the appropriate medication.

'She may as well enjoy wearing heels - they aren't going to make her bunions worse.

'Interacting with different people stops you dwelling on things and laughter itself helps to release endorphins.

So the next time you inwardly groan when you're asked to something you don't feel like attending, change your perspective and look at is as something that could make you happier.' Sid Dajani, a pharmacist in Bishopstoke, near Southampton: 'I can't be ill in my job - if there isn't a locum available people won't get potentially life-saving medication.

'If you stand on the stairs and let your heels drop down, you can feel the stretch.

It really is worth doing daily.' 'I know just how undesirable effects of sun exposure can on the skin, so every morning even in deepest, darkest winter, always apply protective day cream with SPF15 and UVB protection.

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