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The Sixty and Me community started as my own personal “part time retirement job” – but it’s grown into so much more.You can do this too – start your own website dedicated to sharing information and building a community related to something you care about and are an “expert” in.If you love to spend time in a retail environment, restaurants or cafes, perhaps you could get a part-time job working at one of your favorite shops or coffee establishments.Places like Starbucks offer health benefits and free coffee.You could also have a garden sale where you offer your locally grown plants and vegetables to other people in your town.

As the population gets older, there will likely be a growing demand for massage therapy services to help people relieve aches, pains and stresses on the body.It often doesn’t require a lot of money to get certified as a massage therapist, and once you’re licensed, you can work in a variety of fun settings – whether it’s a local spa or a cruise ship!You’ve been putting on makeup all your life, so you might as well get paid for it!For other women, find work in retirement is more of a necessity.In either case, at our age, we are looking to do something that we genuinely enjoy.

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