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Candice Catherine received 14 love letters during her three year relationship with now husband Timothy.Every love note started with a capital letter that, if the letters were placed all together, spelt out the words 'Will you marry me'.Despite this, he disliked other sports and would sneak out of school every Thursday afternoon to the local cinema.Idle was eventually caught watching the X-rated film BUtterfield 8 (suitable for audiences aged 16 years and over under the contemporary film certificates) and stripped of his prefecture, though by that time he was head boy.Idle also appeared as guest in some episodes of the television series At Last the 1948 Show, which co-featured Cleese and Chapman.Idle wrote for Python mostly by himself, at his own pace, although he sometimes found it difficult in having to present material to the others and make it seem funny without the back-up support of a partner.As soon as I opened the door, I found rose petals and candles everywhere – my heart skipped a beat and I knew it was coming.''He sat me down in the living room with all the letters that he had written to me on the table.We read them out one by one reliving the memories of our dating years.

The pair first met on Maroubra Beach in 2009 after their mutual friends organised a hang out.

A number of his sketches involve extended monologues (for example the customer in the "Travel Agency" sketch who won't stop talking about his unpleasant experiences with holidays), and he would frequently spoof the unnatural language and speech patterns of television presenters.

Unlike Palin, Idle is said to be the master of insincere characters, from the David Frost-esque Timmy Williams, to small-time crook Stig O'Tracy, who tries to deny the fact that organised crime master Dinsdale Piranha nailed his head to the floor.

Idle himself admitted this was sometimes difficult: "You had to convince five others.

And they were not the most un-egotistical of writers, either." Idle's work in Python is often characterised by an obsession with language and communication: many of his characters have verbal peculiarities, such as the man who speaks in anagrams, the man who says words in the wrong order, and the butcher who alternates between rudeness and politeness every time he speaks.

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