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For the International Call Services site, we obtained a trial of each service directly from the company.

The companies had no input or influence over our test methods, nor was our methodology provided to any of them in more detail than is available through reading our reviews.

Old international phone services used to connect you to their server and then dial the number in the country you wished to access.

New systems that operate over internet servers have offered a way for you to cut out this intermediary and directly call numbers in other countries without the high international call rates.

If you do make a lot of international calls per month, you should look for a plan that offers unlimited international minutes to countries that you frequently call.

All of the services we reviewed offer some form of international calling options, and some of the services we evaluated provide free international minutes with their basic plans.

For example, Phone Power offers low-cost domestic plans with 60 minutes of international calling included.

When deciding which plan is best for you, things that you will want to consider are what your budget is and what the costs of the plans are, what options and country plans the service provides, and what features for phones and scalability the service offers.

The type of plan you pick will depend on your needs.

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