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While Mandy is more of a rival to Clover than she is to Sam, some rivalry has been shown.

This is seen in "The Suavest Spy", when Kyle Katz chooses to dance with Clover and even gives her a necklace, to which Sam responds by saying that she deserved the necklace instead of Clover.

Sam's style of dress is considered to be "preppy hippie".

She often wears long skirts, mid-length/short skirts, flowing tops, dresses, buttoned shirts, vests, jeans, chokers, boots, high heel sandal wedges, and thin heels.

She occasionally wears a green one-piece bathing suit as seen in "The Getaway" and other episodes. She wore a pink bikini with a towel covering her bottom in "Eraser".

In Season 1, Sam's primary outfit was a blue shirt with a large white collar that covered half her body and white shoes. It consists of an open jacket, either green, yellow, or magenta, a short crop top underneath, either pink or white, and rolled up pants, either dark green, khaki, or blue.

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