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He then shares his knowledge to his fellow lawyer with the condition that the lawyer himself must forward this knowledge to other people.

This is also my obligation to write a simple summary of this book for you all to read and digest. Spend 10, 15 or even 20 minutes daily to perform this technique. Opposition Thinking When an undesirable thought occupies the focal point of your mind, immediately replace it with a uplifting one.

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The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts; iii. See setbacks as opportunity for personal expansion and growth. The Heart of the Rose You need a fresh rose and a silent place to perform this. We can visualize everything that we want to be, do, or have. Discovering and then realizing your lifework brings lasting fulfillment; iii. Goals that are not written down are not goals at all. The 5 Step Method for Attaining Goals Step one is to have a clear vision of your outcome. This former lawyer was a very successful lawyer in his field. However, he does not have a happy family and a happy life because of the pressure of works and of the high profile life that he had lived. It is wrapped up with a story of a famous lawyer who has stopped his full day to day working hours, to become a monk.Communicate freely with other members without having to give away your personal contact details using our internal messaging system.As a totally free dating site Mature Attractions will never ask you for any credit card or other payment details so there is no need to worry about them getting stolen.

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