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), but skilled professionals like those at Self-Publishing Relief can guide you through every step of the process.

Also, it’s best to have a solid list of publication credits for your individual poems before you consider self-publishing your poetry.

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And because there’s little money in poetry, literary agents tend not to represent poets (with the exception of the very famous). But the good news is that poetry writers now have a strong alternative to the big New York publishing houses—self-publishing their own work! If you’re interested in having total control over the process and product of publishing your poetry collection or chapbook, you might want to consider self-publishing.

Universities and small presses are the heart of contemporary poetry, so do the proper research and send your queries their way.

The bottom line: Many poets are competing to publish their poems as poetry collections or chapbooks.

Although the rules vary, chapbook contests generally want between 25 and 60 pages of poetry.

Most chapbook contests are sponsored by universities or small presses, so while there may be an entry fee, there is also usually a payout for the winner in the form of publication and a monetary prize.

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