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The pattern of paleohabitats through time supports the idea of a climatic trend towards greater aridity, but with intermittent shifts to more humid conditions.

The Plio-Pleistocene climatic history of the Olduvai basin may prove useful in understanding the evolution of East Africa climates.

The Bay-tliiglied Diana monkey {Cercopithecus ignila) The Golden cat {Felts celidogaster) ....

E., and the Author ** A more enviable renown England never won— no, not when from the reluctant hanc J" of the throne she wrung the Charter of her liberties, not when beneath the raging waves- she sank the Spanish Armada, not even "when her power struck down Napoleon — than when the perishing African cried to her and she listened and saved." R. Gu RLEV (one of the founders of Liberia), Philadelphia, U.

The Scrval cat (We&t African specimen Libcrian frontier) 273.

Head of Ground-rat (Thrynomys), to bare and rather depressed nostrils 272.

The base of a forest tree, to show buttressed trunk ........

Coula etiulis ' Drawing by Miss Matilda Sinitli 529 213.

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