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As a new trucker driver you will likely be over the road but your trucking company could specialize in certain parts of the country and not go to other areas much.

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Some of those advantages however have side of affects which are disadvantages for others. Think about how much money you spend driving to work each day at a 9 to 5!If you do need high amount of human interaction to the extent that you hate to be alone, trucking life is not for you. It is possible to start off trucking at ,000 fairly easily. The average pay of a trucking job is ,000 and will likely rise. The salary span for truckers is from ,000 to upwards of ,000 if you specialize in what you haul All trucking jobs are not created the same. Well I an sure they will at some point have some of those on the road going from city to city on the highway, I don't see there not being a driver at all in the truck. Currently and for the next 20yrs, you can get a great trucking job and not have to worry about getting laid off except on rare occasion at under performing trucking companies.In order to get the best paying trucking jobs To get a trucking job you don't need a degree. This can take 1 to 3 months depending on the method you choose to get your CDL. The better the trucking company, the more benefits it typically has.“My only son, my dear boy,” said Lilliana Medina, 63, through sobs. A 57-year-old tow truck driver was shot in the chest early Friday on the West Side.

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