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And the Policing Project is working with the Police Department in Camden County, New Jersey to tailor its policy to police needs and community sentiment.

Body cameras are not a panacea that will fix all our policing woes, but they can help.

One of the biggest questions for bodycam programs is when to record and when not to record.

It may seem intuitive that cameras should always be rolling when police are on duty.

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A police department in Oklahoma released body camera footage Monday of former State Senator Ralph Shortey caught in a hotel room with an underage boy, days after he pleaded guilty to child prostitution and pornography charges.

The best solution--indeed the only solution--to these questions is to have careful policies in place, formulated with public input, detailing the who, what, where, when, and how of bodycam recording.

These rules need to address when cameras should be rolling, how long footage is stored, and whether and in what form they are available to the public.

Even many cops favor them, saying they will corroborate and justify police action.

But as many are learning, cameras pose problems too.

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