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In December, York University will get its own subway station.

The 0-million facility is one of six new stops in the Toronto Transit Commission’s Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension project, which expands the city’s transit infrastructure into the municipality of Vaughan.

For York president Rhonda Lenton, the station’s opening, scheduled for December 17, is all about access.

“I am passionate about increasing access to postsecondary education and part of [that] access includes the ease and affordability of getting to campus – the new [station] is a dramatic improvement,” she says.

The idea for the expansion is older than some of York’s current students, dating back to the early 1990s.

The university’s location in Toronto’s northwest has historically positioned it as a commuter school, with less transit available than had it been located in the downtown.

It’s really a significant change in lifestyle.” Designed by Foster Partners with Arup Canada, the station features a unique design element, what Ms.

Kervin calls a “light scoop”: a cut-out next to the station allowing for a two-storey glass curtain wall that lets natural light into the subterranean structure.

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