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It's also a good idea to redirect the output of the command to , so that your terminal is not flooded with the results of automatic maintenance.It's a bad idea to just install everything regardless of errors, sometimes incompatible software can creep into the repository, and that can bring down your whole system.This will make sure an e-mail is always sent when the update runs, rather than only when an error occurs. Setting up your machine to automatically update itself is as simple as a couple of lines in the console.If you need to have closer control over what is happening during the automatic update process then you'll want to write your own script, the Ubuntu help pages have a good run down of how to write a script around aptitude to achieve the same results.

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I updated 2 desktops without problem in the past 2 days.

The machine I'm having trouble with is a thinkpad X1 carbon.

However, the server administrator needs to know when upgrades are available, which of them are security updates, how urgent is an upgrade, and if system reboot is required after system update. This how-to is also applicable to Ubuntu (or other Debian based Linux distributions). Our recommendation is apticron report [Sun, 0200] ======================================================================== apticron has detected that some packages need upgrading on: cosmos.[ 95.2 95.2 ] The following packages are currently pending an upgrade: perl 5.10.1-17squeeze6 perl-base 5.10.1-17squeeze6 perl-modules 5.10.1-17squeeze6 sudo 1.7.4p4-2.squeeze.4 ======================================================================== Package Details: Reading changelogs...

--- Changes for sudo --- sudo (1.7.4p4-2.squeeze.4) stable-security; urgency=high * Fix cve-2013-1775: authentication bypass when the clock is set to the UNIX epoch [ UTC on 1 January 1970] (closes: #701838).

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