Updating device drivers to play

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The flasher circuits in Gottlieb System3 games are designed for #67 bulbs, not #89. The 904 is a 4 candlepower version of the 906 (6 candlepower).In a pinch, the 906 bulb can be used instead of a 904. (It costs money to provide this information.) Donations are being accepted, please see Pin Repair.com/donate for details, and/or please purchase the Pinrepair.com/top repair instructional videos. This document is a repair guide for Gottlieb System 3 electronic pinball games made from 1989 to 1996. Updates of this document are available for no cost at Internet access is available. IF YOU HAVE NO EXPERIENCE IN CIRCUIT BOARD REPAIR, YOU SHOULD NOT TRY TO FIX YOUR OWN PINBALL GAME!Before starting any pinball circuit board repair, review the document at which goes over the basics of circuit board repair.Please see for details on the basic electronics skills and tools needed. If a schematic is not available, order one from one of the sources on the suggested parts & repair sources web page.This document should help repair a first (or second, or third) pinball. Fixing electronic pinball games will require a few tools.

Other Notes: "Street level" games was an experiment by Gottlieb at simplier, single level, no ramp, slightly smaller and slightly cheaper games.

I did, but of course like everyone, my repair techniques and ideas are gathered not only from my own experience, but from work that others in this hobby do and share at shows, on the internet, etc. Basic electrical knowledge is helpful, but not necessary.

So if you're the originator of some cool trick or tip in this document, and I'm not giving due credit, just let me know and I'll add you to the list of contributors above. I do assume you can solder and use the basic features of a Digital Multi-Meter (DMM) such as measuring voltage and resistance.

Luckily, most are not that specialized and are easy to get.

Please see for details on the basic electronics tools needed.

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