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In addition, ability to use the same IEC programming language, whether the control is going through the drives or a PLC, is also an important benefit giving standardization between the drives and PLC.”Additional value for indoor crane control is delivered with a dedicated link between drives D2D (drive to drive) for master/follower configuration, where two or more motors are driving the same gearbox.Sensorless anti-sway control is also now standard on ACS880 crane drives, meaning hook swinging is reduced for greater effective indoor crane use.North of Highway 401 is where the hills really begin to take shape.Of note are the unique shopping opportunities at Primitive Designs north of Port Hope that offers arts and crafts from around the world, and The Big Apple in Colborne which has a huge offering of apple products, candy, cafeteria-style restaurant and an outdoor play area for kids.Views of Lake Ontario are grand near Camborne, east of Baltimore at Speechley Rd, coming south from Vernonville and along Telephone Road near the Big Apple.Farm fresh destinations are predominant along the signed Apple Route and it's been added to this looped route extending from Port Hope east to Brighton along County Road 2 so you can visit the towns and villages of Cobourg, Grafton, and Colborne in between.Under all circumstances, the equipment must perform safely and precisely, without any risk of a load drop or swaying.OEMs have historically achieved crane control by custom-made programming via a PLC.

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Take a look at our Google Map that's been specially plotted with a 50km route that incorporates scenic hilltop views with specialty shopping and accommodations sprinkled in, or ask for a free copy of our Top 5 Driving Routes map and create your own fall tour.This offers numerous advantages compared to traditional external safety wiring solutions.“We always try to offer our customers a variety of choices, without locking them into one singular solution,” continues Mikael.“For example, as outlined above they can choose a drive-based control with our software, or they can use their own programming software, or they can use an external PLC.ABB offers a wide selection of flexibility, but it is all built on standardized ABB configurations and IEC 61131-3 based application programming software for easy compatibility.”Remote supervision of the crane, which is a growing trend in the industry, allows the crane drives and PLC to be connected for possible remote support and diagnostics.Ethernet-based modules are available for this purpose.

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