Updating hardy

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He seems to be progressing with no setbacks, though plenty of hurdles remain in front of him.

Don’t underestimate Hardy’s importance to the Orioles.

This means it now tolerates a timeout on the order of the servo thread period, instead of requiring a timeout that’s on the order of the time between loading the driver and starting the HAL threads.Kevin Gausman is raising hopes that he’s back to his second-half form of last season.He hasn’t allowed a run in his last two starts, with six hits and 13 strikeouts in 12 1/3 innings. Gausman is 0-2 with a 6.00 ERA in four career starts against the Twins.You generally don’t need to set the hm2 watchdog timeout any more, unless you’ve changed your servo thread period.The old driver for the Mesa 5i20, hal_m5i20, has been removed after being deprecated in favor of hostmot2 since early 2009 (version 2.3.) If you are still using this driver, you will need to build a new configuration using the hostmot2 driver.

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