Updating iis

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Ie: Filezilla FTP server, you can get it free from here you can learn the how to's here FTP credentials are fallback for when writing directly to the file system is not available.Naturally they take active FTP (or SSH) server - which is typical for any hosting out there, but not necessarily part of local installation.I try putting in the credential values but keep getting no response or - IUSR -site password etc etc). I have asked for help with this on Word Press forum, Word Press codex, IIS7 forum, googled & tweeted for help to fix this and found no answer!There are several threads about the issue but most say the fix is to enable read write folder permissions and there is something about using .With that, WP should update without the need of using FTP.Basically you just give read/write permission to an authenticated user... To learn more about ftp configuration you can go to this Microsoft article.Close Notepad and open the same file with a 64bit editor such as Windows Notepad. Now browse to ‘C:\Windows\Sys WOW64\inetsrv\Config’ and open application Host.config with Windows Notepad. In summary, when editing your application Host.config in a 64 bit OS, always be sure to use a 64 bit editor.I have Word Press installs in my IIS localhost server on Win7 desktop done manually and with Web PI install. Either asks for FTP credentials when I try to auto update to the latest WP version.

I have checked that read write permissions are enabled on the wordpress root & wp-content folders.What I really want is to enter the correct ftp credentials for Word Press on IIS and have it work and autoupdate to the latest version.Does anyone know what ftp credentials I have to use to get this done please?Performing this update requires local administrative rights on the MET/TEAM server and should be performed during a downtime, as the website will be turned off for a short time. Experience all of this with the convenience of Auto Renewal, and never worry about missing any of these great benefits.

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