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They froze frequently (often without recovering and necessitating disconnecting the power to reset the device), and one of the devices had all sorts of playback problems on Netflix. I bought this unit 2 years ago and it has been a great tool for us especially because its what we use to stream Netflix but in the last couple weeks it seems to be losing its ability to pick up the Wi Fi and it has now stopped picking up altogether.All the other devices in our house are still picking up the signal so I'm positive its just this unit.

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So I'm getting for the most part a full 11Mbps to all devices on my 2.5Ghz network. Otherwise it constantly freezes, and you cant reset it unless you unplug the adapter from it, which happens quite alot.That and some reviewers mention of USB and Streaming not working 100% are all that keeps this from a 5 out of 5.I have not yet tried the USB or Streaming will Update when I do. The only thing I dislike is that it will not safely eject a USB drive so you have to reset it on your computer after every use. i buy on line and return was done with an rma and returned through the post office. I purchased another one and it has had no problems.Thanks to LG to bring out such great piece of electronic and technological device!Player plays all that my DVD did and more, at this price point I felt it should have a Front Digital Display for Time and Disc Runtime such as PM - /.

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