Updating performance appraisals

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Everyone loves to hate performance evaluations, and with good reason: Research has shown them to be ineffective, unreliable and unsatisfactory for seemingly everyone involved.

They consume way too much time, leave most workers deflated and feel increasingly out of step with reality.

Annual performance reviews are a key component of employee development.

The performance review is intended to be a fair and balanced assessment of an employee’s performance.

The Performance Review Summary Form is intended to serve for all staff members.

A detailed explanation of the summary form’s components and instructions about how to use the form are included in the Performance Review Instruction Form.

As the article notes, it's an attempt to switch from "talking about the ratings to talking about our people." And that, of course, is what a performance review should really be about, right?

The provision does not apply to the president, vice presidents and other executive-level supervisors who report directly to the president, chancellors and vice chancellors.

Staff members who receive unsatisfactory overall performance ratings of 9 or lower are required to participate in a Performance Improvement Plan.

It's an overhaul the company first started rolling out nine months ago.

Deloitte's new approach, which it has piloted among roughly 10 percent of employees so far, would do away with "cascading objectives," those nonsensical attempts to create similar goals for everyone in the organization.

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