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San Disk is a company that can use little introduction sometimes.

It is a house hold name, being the flash drive vendor that almost everyone in your school probably has.

0 for 0x0000 and 1 for the copy at 0x200) 0x4 checksum 32bit unsigned simple additions of all values from 0x400.

The data range for this operation is specified in the 0x0c value.

Today we’ll be looking at the San Disk Sansa Fuze 8GB.

This device is an update to the Sansa Fuze which was launched back in 2008; though in terms of hardware and design it’s a completely new product and not just a minor update.

It seems that perhaps there's only a checksum for the first block.

For each regular block (that is all blocks that follows the first one), a block header is also present right at offset 0x0 in each block.

All these models now have the AS3525 from Austriamicrosystems (AMS) as their main So C chip.The top of the box lets us know that this 8GB player can hold up to 2000 3.5minute songs encoded with the MP3 Encoder at 128Kb/s, or 24 Hours of video encoded in the MPEG-4 standard at 512Kb/s or up to 4800 Photos that are 5 Megapixels in side.Obviously, most people won’t load this device with just one kind of media so it’ll be mix and match and users’ experience with the number of files will vary.The left side of the box lets us know that we can use Micro SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards with this device.Here’s the back of the box with some basic information available on it as well.

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