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Windows 7 Pro users can switch to XP mode but that's not the shortest way to use your Net MD. Problem Fixed with this Net MD (Net MD) driver for Windows 7 64 bit!

Windows 7 premium users can't even switch their system in to XP mode. This works for Sony Net MD players and Sony Hi MD players.

The response from the managing director of KISS, Peter Wilmar Christensen, countered that the similarities between the two pieces of code indicate that the MPlayer team had in fact used code from KISS's firmware.

The implication was that KISS was violating the GPL, since KISS did not release its firmware under the GPL license.

Such needs to be supported by the device driver, which in turn provides one or multiple interfaces, like e.g.

VDPAU, VAAPI, Distributed Codec Engine or DXVA to end-user software like MPlayer to access this hardware and offload computation to it.

The company was unable to fund further business operations and as a result all operations and associated services have been discontinued.

Community coded extensions are available on Songbird's addons support page.

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