Updating wordpress with subversion

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I'm looking for an easy way to deploy my Wordpress theme code from my development environment (local computer running WAMP) to my staging and production environments (both are hosted servers).The ideal workflow I am looking for would utilize Apache Subversion as my source code repo and would look like this: If this doesn't exist, I'm thinking about developing a plug-in that will achieve the above.I've done /something/ like this -- but rather than using the WP admin to "update", we used SVNs post-commit hook to push the updates to the staging server.

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Now, we need to bring your local project directory up to date with that new tag. You may wonder why you can’t just make your own copy in your local “/tags/1.0” directory.The key is that everything happens directly through the Wordpress Admin panel.Using the command line on each server is not an option for me.Wordpress is showing that some plugins need to be updated but when I do, Wordpress will delete the folder for that plugin so the files are deleted as well. Also what is the safest way of finding the plugin in the repository.Lots of plugins have similar names and don't want to download the wrong one....others words if I want wordpress.org/extend/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack , how can I find the repository folder and be sure its the correct one. We manage a lot of separate development projects built on wordpress and we like to keep plugin updates under our own control without the associated hassles of externals.

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