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The relationship between the body, psyche and spirit to the Divine is shown in the context of the kabbalistic tradition and contemporary working methods.

Various interior processes are observed as consciousness rises through the seven levels of the mind into the Halls of Heaven.

The Kabbalah Society began to publish the books of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi in 2006.

Our online Bookshop is a continuation of that process.

It outlines the origins of Kabbalah in biblical, mythological and metaphysical terms that explain the origins of Existence according to Jewish mysticism.

Here, theory and practice are set out against everyday life and history, as well as inner and outer processes related to individual and group work.This revised edition will be of interest to scholars of the Bible, psychologists, and those on the path of spirituality.232 pages ISBN: 978-1-909171-38-1 - Softback ISBN: 978-1-909171-09-1 - Hardback Author: Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi The School of the Soul applies kabbalistic principles to the study of esoteric organisations.From here a wider and deeper view of Existence, and our place in it, can be seen.236 pages ISBN: 978-1-909171-35-0 - Softback ISBN: 978-1-909171-10-7 - Hardback Author: Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi This new book by Halevi is an introduction to the Tradition, enhanced by many illustrations and diagrams.

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