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This is a very common cohort used in ecommerce businesses.You’ll commonly hear ecommerce companies talk about the performance of new customers acquired during the holiday shopping season. It’s all customers whose first transaction occurred between thanksgiving and Christmas (or some day before Christmas). But to be honest, a lot of other analytics tools have been hard on Google Analytics for it’s lack Cohort functionality – and that was well deserved!For a long time the only way to do cohort analysis in Google Analytics was via segmentation – but that was really a hack.Now Google Analytics has a real Cohort report that makes it much easier to perform cohort analysis.Call us on 1300 131 932 to speak to a PN Google Geek.The Google Analytics Certified Partner program is a company level accreditation for business consultants who package, sell and deliver analytics, website testing and conversion optimization services to online businesses.

If not, we may ask for more information or that you re-apply at a later date.

Right now you probably noticed there is just one option here – Acquisition Date.

This dimension is the date that the user first visited your site or used your app. I know – you’re probably all groaning that there is only one option. But stay tuned :) Cohort Size: The cohort size is the time window that you want to use when looking at the Cohort type.

If you want other people to also receive the email, open the other email addresses menu, click ‘Add new email address’, enter the address and label, then click OK. [Available only in the United States] Click Set up your mobile phone to enter your mobile phone number.] Alert Conditions: : Select the metric to which the alert applies, the condition that generates the alerts (e.g., Is less than, Is greater than), and enter the value for the condition (e.g., Is less than 20).

In this example, we’ll use ‘Sessions’, ‘Is less than’ and ‘1’.

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