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Following each possible parameter value, you should specify a phrase and enclose it in a pair of curly brackets.You can specify default message source that will be used as a fallback for category that doesn't match any configured category.It is recommended that you keep this default value unchanged.Usually it is much easier to find people who can translate from "English to other languages" than from "non-English to non-English".To learn which ones you should specify for a particular locale, please refer to "Plural Rules, Cardinal" at The format is very close to what's used for plurals.To learn which arguments you should specify for a particular locale, please refer to "Plural Rules, Ordinal" at You can use the handles values that do not match either one of them.It is usually identified by an ID consisting of a language ID and a region ID.

The value is always formatted according to the locale you are translating to i.e. To get a list of options available for locale you're using check "Numbering schemas, Spellout" at You often need to set the target language dynamically based on different factors, such as the language preference of end users.Instead of configuring it in the application configuration, you can use the following statement to change the target language: The message translation service translates a text message from one language (usually the source language) to another (usually the target language).Yii offers a full spectrum of I18N features that support message translation, view translation, date and number formatting.Locale is a set of parameters that defines the user's language, country and any special variant preferences that the user wants to see in their user interface.

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