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Note that you’d be able to do it while strolling around the gorgeous city of Varna.

If this doesn’t sound pretty awesome, there’s hardly anything else that could be more alluring to you.

Have fun: Catch the last Pokemon character in existence and explore Varna’s top spots in the meantime! Meet the imposing cathedral in Varna that serves as just another great tourist spot gathering flocks of people year-round.

The 19th-century cathedral impresses with its bishop’s throne, combined quite wonderfully with the well-carved iconostasis.

Visit it: if you haven’t seen a “stone forest” like this before, you’d sure love the idea of losing yourself in a whole new rocky world, more or less.

Varna’s museum has been long known for housing what seems to be the earliest traces of human’s presence from about 100,000 BC.

The interesting murals and unique stained glass make the prominent cathedral a must-see attraction while being in the city.Considered the most prominent cave monastery left as a remnant from medieval times, the ancient Aladzha Monastery lies on the Black Sea coastline of Bulgaria.The famous Christian monument is what locals are immensely proud of.Given the title of a public historical monastery and a monument, Aladzha is thought to be another heavily appreciated and crowded attraction in and around Varna.Why visit it: Walk inside to explore a small fraction of Varna’s historical heritage making all Bulgarians so boastful.

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